Why Choose IT-hub

Visionary Leadership

The world is changing. Leadership needs craftiness in coming up with innovations and also institutionalizing new ideas, creating teams and networks for collaborative work, and involving stakeholders in enhancing the quality of education. IT-hub administration and faculty strive to bring together expectations from students, staff, and stakeholders & foresee students’ needs and the kind of market-driven skills they require, and then prepare them accordingly.

Congenial Learning Environment

Higher education worldwide is in a period of transition, affected by globalization, the advent of mass access, changing relationships between the workplace and workers, and new technologies, among others.  To prepare our students for these challenges we are investing in cutting-edge infrastructure and new technologies to support world-class education and learning environments. Multimedia projectors and the Internet are available in all classrooms and laboratories. Our academic facilities and faculty cooperation provide a stimulating learning environment that encourages conceptual learning. Students gain hands-on training in our state-of-the-art computer, electronics, cyber security, and cloud computing laboratories.

Professional Faculty

Our full-time faculty helps students to fully realize their abilities and potential. To make students’ learning possible, the faculty creates a context in which the student’s desire and ability to learn can work most effectively, in which students are encouraged to think carefully and critically and express their thoughts, and in which they wish to confront and resolve difficulties rather than gloss over them. Through their professional competency, experience, and constant monitoring they make students realize that their learning requires from their commitment, work, responsibility for their own learning, and a willingness to take risks and that this process has its rewards.

Personality Grooming

Education is not mere teaching of courses but rather the creation of a complete human being manifesting all the potential. IT-hub is a social system dealing with students’ activities, personalities, roles, expectations, and needs. With the right personality and social skills, students can interact well with colleagues, friends, and family members. We have set policy goals for students’ character, personality, and social development. We promote students’ conscientiousness, agreeableness, and openness to experiences. Our efforts help students to access jobs that are more interesting, require continuous learning, and are less physically straining over the life cycle.

Free Career Development Courses

No university curriculum can adequately cover all areas of importance or relevance. It is important for institutions to supplement the curriculum to make students better prepared to meet industry demands. In this regard, IT-hub offers a wide variety of free professional courses to develop both the soft and hard skills of our students to stand apart from the rest in the job market. Due to these free courses, our students have an edge over the others studying in other institutions.