Principal’s Message

Dear students and parents,

I’m very proud to be the principal of the IT HUB, an institution increasingly recognized as one of the best institutions of IT education in Pakistan. IT HUB has a distinctive mission and approach that provides the highest level of education in today’s vibrant society. Our promise of integrating faith, reason, and justice is not just rhetoric; it’s something you will sense and feel. It’s a commitment to scholarship and academic excellence, and the courage to apply our Islamic faith to the hard problems of our routine and professional lives. This mission aligns with our passion for promoting education that blends spiritual formation, intellectual substance, and social action. You will interact with faculty scholars who share your enthusiasm for knowledge and making a difference in our society. Many of you will forge life-long friendships or build career networks with others who are called to serve in your field of interest. Whether you learn online or in a small class, you will find our full academic support and Islamic encouragement wherever you are. Our goal is not just to provide an education that leads to a career and a future. We want you to deepen your faith as you broaden your knowledge and skills. Our goal is to equip you with the very best education based on the rock-solid foundation of faith in Islamic values so that whatever path you chose, IT HUB will point you to a better way of living in the organization, businesses, and society. I invite you to explore what IT HUB has to offer you through our website and discover what sets us apart from Sargodha’s many other institutions. With best regards 
Muhammad Asad Zafar Bhutta
IT-hub Sargodha.